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When building a new Facebook page for business, there are several important things to know about. Naming photos with your keywords doesn’t really help on Facebook it just renames the file something like 194485_10150109366….jpg. Linking from Facebook to the website is one of the best ideas to get more visitors to the website.

While Facebook channels – invitations, news feed and messages – play -an important role in the spreading -content through Facebook. Employing important SEO tactics within your Facebook Page can help your Page reach more and more Facebook fans.

Here are some things you can do to optimize your page:

Facebook Title: Keep your fan page title consistent and short. Even though Facebook doesn’t limit the length of page title, it’s better to stick to 70 characters.

Description:  Description means about the page. Remember to utilize ‘about’ description in page settings. Give a detailed, keyword rich description of your business. Search engines consider  this as Meta description when pulling search results.

Facebook URL: It is important to have your page as a recognizable brand than a specific keyword phrase. Selecting your Facebook Page URL directly ties into your search engine ranking. Branding – If you have any recognized brand name, use that brand name in URL.

Appearance: Whenever you comment as your page, or people tag your page, your entire name will come up, so if you’re page is Your Brand – Using Keywords everywhere might look a bit excessive (and lead to less tagging).

Page Updates: SEO name for news feeds is taken from the first couple of words of the update. Make sure that the first part of your status update is your keywords and not just filler or fluff.

If you’re posting a link to your fan page wall, you’ll have an option to “Say something about this link…” – the first 18 characters of what you enter in this field are going to be the SEO title for status update.

It’s important to sharing interesting and important content on Facebook Page with proper descriptions. When posting photos, use keyword-dense descriptions. When posting events, take the extra minute to include text and keywords in the event description field that you want to rank for.

These were few tips but overall you should consider your Google rank when developing your Facebook Fan Page strategy. SEO can play an important role in boosting your Page’s growth rate. Determine where to put a link from your site back to your Facebook Page that will help build awareness and generate some SEO juice for your Facebook page.